We need your help!

We’ve got some short stories lined up to publish in the next few months, as we also work on hammering out the next Keelie book. In the meantime, Michele has written a fun YA about a girl who has her heart set on a classic car for her sixteenth birthday, but finds that reality is nothing like her plans. Ditched by her boyfriend before she can dump him, she’s also presented with a tragic excuse for a car that she’s expected to repair (it’s the family business, after all). And being a book by 1/2 of Gillian, you gotta know it’s full of magic!

Amazon has the book as part of its Kindle Scout program, where they’ll publish it (great promo benefits if they do), but only if she gets enough votes. So please vote for Jessie’s Magical Ride! There’s a limited time in which to get the word out. Here’s the cover and a link that will open in a new window:


Jessie Cover

What’s better than a great fan get-together!  One with costumes! We’ll be tweeting and and posting from the con, so stay tuned for great pictures and fun stories!


IMG_1371Hello World,

Sadie/Zabrina here. Gillian was taking my picture because I was being cute. I am adorable. Even as a fae cat,  I’m naturally adorable. But, look at the photo. Do you see that skinny gray tabby? Yes, that one.  That’s Gatsby. He’s always following me. Always watching me. He thinks he’s the cute cat.  And now he’s in my photo.  I’m not allowed to use magic; otherwise, I’d turn him into a toad. A big warty toad.





That didn’t work!

Hello World,

Zabrina/Sadie here. How’s it going?  Gillian has returned from the Decatur Book Festival and the book launch of Queen of the Faire.  A grand time was had by Gillian.  I know because that’s all she has talked about since she has returned. She kept talking how wonderful it was to meet the readers and fans of the Faire Folk saga. I hope she didn’t reveal any fairy magic secrets at the Decatur Book Festival,

I made a valiant effort to attend. I tried to stowaway in  a box of books. Gillian found me. I tried to sneak out of the house, but she caught me. 

I even bit Gillian’s  ankles. It didn’t work. I was thwarted in my mission. 








Hello World,

Sadie/Zabrina, here. 

The printed copies of Queen of the Faire arrived this morning in time for the Decatur Book Festival.  Gillian was doing the happy dance. 

I was going to abscond with the box with the Queen of the Faire books, but Javiar and Gatsby stopped me. Javiar is always watching me, and now Gatsby observes my every move. It’s like living with two Knots.  I’ll report in later. 




Things Happen!


Gillian here. It seems if you write about fairies and cats things happen that have no logical explanation. Around here we say–“it’s the fairies.”  Have you ever been walking and hear the tinkling of wind chimes when the air is still and heavy?   It’s the fairies. Does your cat ever run through the house as if something invisible is chasing it?  It’s the fairies. Have you ever placed something down  to return seconds later, and it’s not there?  It’s the fairies.

The fairies were around when the Kindle version of Queen of the Faire locked up on us before we could upload the final format version. If you pre-ordered the Kindle version of Queen of the Faire, you will receive a version that doesn’t have chapters starting on a different page.  The content is correct. The right version will be sent to all purchasers after the publication date. Until then, watch out for the fairies.





Hello again!

Hello World,

Sadie, here, or I’ll answer to Zabrina. Gillian named me after Zabrina from  the Secret of the Dread Forest. I know a secret about the not-so human Zabrina. I heard Gillian talking to someone about Zabrina’s sister. Enough about that.  I’m writing this post, so it’s about me.  I’m not having any luck getting my paws on a copy of Queen of the Faire. Whenever I sneak into Gillian’s office, Javiar is waiting for me, and I have to act like a normal cat. I’m not sure why he’s  fascinated with what I’m doing. Usually, he sleeps twenty-two hours a day, and then eats the other two.  I think he has goblin cat blood flowing through his veins. Nah. What about pumpkin cat? What do you think? 


It doesn’t matter. I have a mission.  I must get into Gillian’s office, I must get into her computer, and I must read Queen of the Faire.

Javiar won’t stop me.